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It was the fall of 2017 that my husband purchased an OjO Electric Scooter.  From the moment we started riding it around Ogunquit heads would turn in a ‘what is that?’ fashion.  Because of the attention the OjO drew, we knew this would be a great opportunity to tap into a missing local need to rent and sell a scooter that has ZERO emissions (I mean, we live in the ‘Beautiful Place by the Sea’ - let’s keep it that way, right?), is bike-lane friendly (top speed is 20MPH and thus classified a bike) so commuters don’t have to sit in the sometimes unbearably long traffic lines.  On a full charge it will go up to 25 miles, comes equipped with built-in waterproof Bluetooth speakers to listen to your music while cruising, has rear-view mirrors (so you too can enjoy seeing the heads turn as you drive by!)  These scooters are a Ford Officially Licensed Product and have automobile grade exterior paint, patented 500 watt HyperGear hub motor, heavy-gauge aluminum frame for optimal strength, stability and safety with a 300 lb. capacity.  It doesn’t stop there, the tires are all-weather with high-performance disc brakes.  Patented convenient on-board charger with retractable cord and plug - plugs into any 110V wall outlet. 4-bulb LED headlight and rear running & brake light, USB port for charging your phone and uses a key fob to 'OjO ON' or 'OjO OFF' and has a built-in alarm system.  A cargo  basket and a surfboard attachment can be purchased separately as well.  Phew! My fingers are tired from typing all these amazing features - come in and test ride one for yourself and see why Ford became involved with OjO Electric and created designs to bring out the nostalgic side with the Vintage logos and woody features!  We are convinced that once you take a ride, your biggest decision will be - “WHICH COLOR DO I WANT?!”  

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Looking for a fun way to explore the Ogunquit area?  Contact us to purchase a Ford OjO Electric Scooter.  Ford OjO solid colors and Ford Vintage Stripe & Woody inspired designs to choose from.  Retail from $2199.99 - $2399.99 

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